What Makes a Leader Brave?

Recently, in Europe there has been a lot of press reporting the plight of refugee’s fleeing from war torn countries or political, economic countries in crisis. Risking the lives of themselves and their families to reach Europe for the promise of a better, safer and easier future.
Many thousands have lost their lives to the Mediterranean waters during the short journey of 2.5 miles(shortest route) from Turkey to Greece. The perilous crossing must for some seem to last forever with lives dangling on a thin and taut thread. The traffickers have benefited from the crisis and the passengers probably understood the risks.
However this perilous journey with its uncertain future is driven by an unshakable and unstoppable �actionable ‘hope’.
Whilst lives have been taken in the seas, mental well-being of some survivors have been compromised in the form of stress related illness. This journey of uncertainty to a brighter future takes faith, hope, courage and bravery.
Isolated leaders are often called upon to have faith, hope, courage and bravery whilst they navigate their way through the political, economic, environmental complexities of heading a company/business. Decisions that can place the company and all who touch the company at a stage of feast or famine. The weight of such decision making can also result in stress related illnesses above and beyond the usual work related stress that according to Cambridge University costs the society over �3.7billion per year.
Being courageous and brave as a leader is also striving to be true to yourself, being authentic! giving yourself permission to demonstrate vulnerability, fear and uncertainty as you traverse your own rocky waters.
Getting a coach as a confidant will bring awareness to your strengths so leaders can be effective. This can result in ‘actionable hope’ and is a consequence also a result of nurturing one’s strengths and acknowledging one’s challenges. Being a brave and courageous leader begins from within, shields the heart and protects the company and all it touches from the onslaught of the forever changing complex environment.
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