Overcoming Those Lonely Moments


Sanusi Lamina Sanusi was the governor of the Central bank of Nigeria. He was asked to resign his position when he brought attention to the mismanaged and unaccountable government funds. This action required courage and a strong moral conviction. I can only imagine that he was ostracised and possibly labelled a troublemaker it must of been apparent that his circle of influence was rapidly reduced.

In such a situation, would isolation feel safe?

Unfortunately, not especially when the consequences can take the form of , disillusionment, humiliation, formation of an “anti-leader” group, loss of position, questioning of the leaders mental health, the use of vindictive tactics to make the leader’s work more difficult and/or insignificant and assassination of character .

This can result in the leader feeling heavily burdened, stressed and on a path of extreme burn out and self destruction.

How do leaders survive these moments?

Connect with family, friends, community and an outside voice like a coach. The capacity to understand and the ability to modify behaviour will always be helpful and an asset to the business/organisation but this cannot be done alone.

If you are a Leader and ready to Make Change Happen, connect with us request a Discovery Session . We will explore where your skills, spirit and energy lies, we will discover what boundaries you hold on negative thinking. We prepare you for handling such moments..because they WILL come up.