Thinking of Starting your Own Business? Start up ‘n’ Go Business Roadmap

hinking of Starting your Own Business? Start up ‘n’ Go Business Roadmap


96% of all start up business are gone in 5 years! The reason?

  • They fail to seek out professional help as they get started
  • They don’t understand cash flow
  • They don’t understand Lead Generation

We are small business start up specialists, helping you to get it right from the very beginning

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Business Plan Lean Canvas Model with Support

Business plans take too long to write, are seldom updated, and almost never read by others but documenting your business idea is key.

Lean Canvas solves this problem using a 1-page business model that takes under 120 minutes to create.

Sign up now to create a business model that will be read by more people, be more easily updated, and let you focus on building your business – faster.

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3 year Strategic Development Plan on Single Page with Support

3-Year Vision
This is a visual tool for a leader or leadership group to express it’s view of the business it’s seeking to create in 3 years time.
There are three key benefits to using this tool:
1) The Creation of the picture helps to unify the board / shareholders.
2) Sharing it helps to align and unify the staff and be a guide to everyone’s actions, strategically and tactically.
3) You can check progress towards your goals and adjust your plan from time to time.

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