Stepping into Character

Stepping into Character

What do Bill Gates, Nelson Mandela, Queen Elizabeth ll , Mother Theresa, Dr Martin Luther King and Leonardo Di Capiro have in common? On the face of it looks like not a lot. But in this article they have quite a lot in common. Look really carefully and you will find they all have a real ability to successfully step into character

Not being aware and understanding that the ability to nurture the correct character for the role you find yourself can result in business or company failure.

Often, the biggest barrier to business or a company’s growth is the leader character.

This article discusses the x 4 business characters necessary for Start Up, Small Business and Solo Entrepreneurs to start, stay, and grow your business or company.

Stepping into Character #1

Before we delve into character building and nurturing I would like to discuss what stepping into character actually means. Thinking about a character in the way an actor does, will give leaders skills to create extraordinary performances.

For this we need to borrow a model from the performing art sector. When developing characters actors rehearse for several hours each day, experimenting with emotions, and thought patterns, actors must step into their characters bodies and minds for extended periods in order to achieve shifting identities

Great actors have the skills of stepping in and out of character spot on., I for one was elated to see Leonardo Di-Caprio awarded an Oscar for best actor along with his BAFTA award, he and many actors and actresses successfully stepped into their film character, so successfully there is no doubt to the audience they serve believed the reality presented. We as leaders, business owners, managers, CEO can certainly learn how to do this.

Often the biggest barrier to growth is the leader themselves particularly when it comes to areas of purpose , aspiration and mental preparation.

At coaching2transform we hold a mirror and a spotlight to the leaders character. A mirror to ask:

What do you want to be?

Are you there yet?

Can we help you on your journey?

The spotlight, highlights the areas that remain in the dark or are just not clearly seen, for example carving out time in an already overloaded schedule to create that time of solitude to reflect on business, it’s growth potential and finding solutions to current challenges, also time to stand back to replenish.

Stepping into Character #2

This would involve stepping into a character that allows leaders to step back from day to day operations. Believing that other team members have the skills and capabilities in certain areas of the business that excel that of the leaders capabilities and skills. Not delegating certain tasks is most certainly a business growth barrier and growth suicide. This character #2, will have the courage to build high performing teams that are better qualified. This way leadership works better as the leader will have more time to focus on business strategy and growth.

Stepping into character #3

When building a business or company one of the most important aspects is to bring on to the stage more team players. Accelerating business growth is about scaling lead generation, sales operation, setting up systems and processes.

Stepping into Character #4

Character # 4 , is required to understand and speak the new language of business communication, numbers sales, conversion rates, key performance indicators, return on investment and key metrics. These are numbers that leaders must understand and be able to leverage for every decision made in their business.

This is the language every successful small business owners, leaders of organizations must be fluent in to break through the barriers of growth. It is essential from day one of starting a business.

But becomes vital as the business starts to grow in size and complexity

Watch how real actors step into character here, compliments of the Performing Arts Sector .

If you are ready to step into the character necessary to Start, Stay, & Grow your business or Organisation click I am Ready for a 1-2-1 bespoke session. Where we offer you a safe space to discover what can work for you and your team.

Making Change Happen Today with Coaching2Transform

Making Change Happen Today with Coaching2Transform

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