Isolation is not a Business Strategy

Lets talk about business strategy for small business, solo entrepreneurs and organizations. What is a business strategy here is one definition

Strategy a detailed plan for achieving success, the bundle of decisions and activities that we choose to achieve our long-term goals. Strategy is the path we choose. Every small business or organization has to figure out what it wants to achieve and then how it is going to make it happen, with its products, customers, and operations. (Briefcase Books .com)

The detailed plan involves a step by step approach towards the end goal. Each step is a tactical move well thought out can be tweaked when required and tested again and again. Business strategy is best created with key staff members who have bought into the leaders vision, value and purpose.

Finding Purpose Vision and Values

This is not easy to find and is often a challenge. I have seen on several occasions how difficult this can be. Simon Sinek Ted Talk on How Great Leaders Inspire Action is brilliant in explaining this exact issue. Finding purpose and vision often causes discomfort and confusion as isolated leaders struggle to put into words what lies in their hearts. Purpose, vision and the values isolated leaders hold, determine the roadmap and where motivation and energy lies when sharing with teams. The question is ..How do leaders begin to find the words that convey sometimes intangible feelings onto paper and into the hearts of others?

Leaders need to take time out to be alone as they place themselves in a creative and innovative mode. This can be such a powerful experience and instrumental in reaching the common goals for small business, solo entrepreneurs and organisations.


Such a place of solitude will and can often causes discomfort and frustration as the leaders brain seeks answers to questions that are unfamiliar. Answers, appear and disappears like a vapour in the moment, failing to be grasped by the leader cause frustration.

Frustration, drawn from the comfort of busyness and impatience maintaining a false concept of self worth according to Gary Fenton. He says it is comfortable to believe this illusion, that leaders business activities and connectedness to others can raise leaders self worth, this he continues cannot be further from the truth, in fact it may contribute to the barriers to growth small business experience.

The Value of Solitude

Alfred Montague in his book The Supreme Philosophy of Man states, do not confuse motion and progress. A rocking horse keeps moving but does not make progress. Research, supports that leaders are more creative when they can be alone. The alone I talk about is called solitude not isolation. Solitude is a space for productivity, creativity and discomfort. New habits are formed and behaviours developed.

How Do Leaders Create This Space?

Often with difficulty, the process will take time! I find it almost impossible although my presence can be still, my mind exercises what mindfulness terms as monkey brain jumping from one thought to another. Solitude is NOT Isolation. It is the ability to be alone with your thoughts, it is one of the most important necessities of true leadership.

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