An Holistic Approach to Success

Live a Limitless Life

 An Holistic Approach to Personal and Business Success

Maria has developed a holistic approach to personal and business success based on Ken Wilbur Integral Map, an approach that helps clients see both themselves and the world around them in a more comprehensive way, using a full range of resources for any situation this model has a greater likelihood for personal & business success!

Supports and guides clients who seek to achieve flow and balance in their lives.

  • For those who understand that we, as human beings have limitless reservoir of potential. Current potential that is being utilised, and that as yet remains untapped.
  • For those that choose to continually explore the reservoir of human potential  but may be blinded to, or unaware of the impact their resulting behaviour may have on their well-being and the impact on those that are connected to them
  • For those with an inability to connect with their purpose and values
  • For those who want to acknowledge and be aware of ‘who they are becoming’ and how it serve their today’s and tomorrow’s

Making change happen begins with a process of self development and self- awareness.

We focus on clients personal values, goals, tune into their unique skills. We understands how personal values can influence and guide all behaviour and outcomes. These behaviours are linked to the effectiveness of the overall business strategy, operations and therefore the performance and productivity of the business.

Effectiveness of the overall business strategy depends on how well activities in these function areas including co-creators integrate and form patterns that define success!

These factors are not commonly present in one-to-one coaching.

This is why I believe my holistic approach to personal development is so powerful and leading-edge.

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